Jumping Ship: When to Take the Next Step in your Career

Today the job market is lucrative; employers are looking for people more than people are looking for employers. Millennials have the opportunity to be selective and choose a position that will get them on the right career path. This post is about vetting new career opportunities and when is the right time to "Jump Ship".

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Travel with Purpose: Destinations on a Dime

Traveling the world is something I grew up dreaming about. I was fortunate enough to go on family vacations to Disney or Cape Cod every now and then, but I always wanted to go further; see things no one I knew had seen before. The thought of standing beneath the eiffel tower humbled me, the… Continue reading Travel with Purpose: Destinations on a Dime

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Make Money Moves; Millennial Side Hustles

A couple of years ago I was really struggling financially and decided to moonlight as a cocktail waitress. At first it seemed great; I was making a ton of money and financially felt ok for the first time in a long time. I learned quickly that it was not sustainable long term, and that burning… Continue reading Make Money Moves; Millennial Side Hustles