Diving Bonaire

Destinations on a Dime: Bonaire

The first time I ever left the country was to visit Bonaire. I remember standing in line at the town hall in my hometown, waiting to get my photo taken for my first passport. Who knew it would spark such a strong desire in me to see the world and be  immersed in different cultures.… Continue reading Destinations on a Dime: Bonaire

How to make yourself happy

The Importance of Making yourself Happy First

  During lunch with my mother the other day, we got on the topic of what it means to be happy. I told her my views and a few general things I do for myself, and she told me a story that really stuck with me. Amidst our cranberry seltzers and sweet potato fries, she… Continue reading The Importance of Making yourself Happy First

Career, Lifestyle

WHY are we all so ANXIOUS!?#&!

You're in a meeting at work, and suddenly you have a question or an idea. You know it's gold, but what if it's not? Your confidence dwindles as your mind tells you "raise your hand" but a lump forms in your throat and your hand isn't responding. Suddenly, the moment has passed and you've got… Continue reading WHY are we all so ANXIOUS!?#&!