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Ditching Societal Norms and Setting your own Priorities

As young adults, have you ever noticed that there is so much conversation and pressure around what we’re supposed to do with our lives? We grow up with the notion that we’re supposed to go to college, get a job, meet someone, get married, buy a house, and have children. Check, check, check check, right… Continue reading Ditching Societal Norms and Setting your own Priorities

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The Bad B*tch in the Pencil Skirt

I have always had two fighting alter egos: One is the hippie chick in the flip flops who lives on an island, working as a dive-master-slash-yoga-instructor. She's probably named after a flower and spends her spare time painting and volunteering at the local animal shelters. She may have had dreads at one point in her… Continue reading The Bad B*tch in the Pencil Skirt

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Travel with Purpose: Volunteer Tourism

Let me tell you something - wanderlust ain’t no joke. I know it’s cliche, and I’m guessing you know a girl who wears flowy pants and headwraps with it tattooed on her (I’m one of them). Despite that, it is a genuine feeling, like a combination of adrenaline, awe, fear, and excitement wrapped into this euphoric… Continue reading Travel with Purpose: Volunteer Tourism


Jumping Ship: When to Take the Next Step in your Career

Today the job market is lucrative; employers are looking for people more than people are looking for employers. Millennials have the opportunity to be selective and choose a position that will get them on the right career path. This post is about vetting new career opportunities and when is the right time to "Jump Ship".

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Millennial Career Growth: Breaking the Stereotype

In todays day in age, being classified as a Millennial comes with a negative connotation and an ugly stereotype. As a Millennial, I'm doing everything I can to defy this stereotype, and not only embracing the knowledge that comes with being part of this generation, but also using it to my advantage to grow as a professional and a person.