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Ditching Societal Norms and Setting your own Priorities

Have you ever noticed that there is just so much conversation and pressure around what we’re supposed to do with our lives? We grow up with the notion that we’re supposed to go to college, get a job, meet someone, get married, buy a house, and have children. While those are all things I want to do eventually, they are not top of my list right now. Don’t get me wrong,  it’s a beautiful thing to see the people I love hitting these milestones, but i’ve also noticed that it brings out some not-so-pretty sides of people. People our age get so absorbed by these things; and while everyone is excited there is also a little envy, which some people do a better job of hiding than others. I’ve learned a lot about what I don’t want from being a part of so many weddings and I feel like the older I get, the more pressure there is to do them when everyone else is doing them.giphy

Pressure has come in all forms. From my mother, asking when she will have grandchildren. From my healthcare provider, who informed me that women are physiologically meant to have babies in their 20’s. Even from myself, when someone asks where I live and I am embarrassed to tell them I’m in an inlaw apartment. Women in their late 20’s who are in relationships ALWAYS get asked “so when do you think he’s going to pop the question?” It’s exhausting, really.

What inspired this article was a comment made by a friend when I was talking about my living situation. “Why don’t you buy a house? I bet you could afford a house, but you choose to spend all your money traveling.” While that’s not true, (I have a mortgage already – in loans) and it’s pretty rude to speculate on someone else’s financial situation, I was taken aback by the condescending tone that came with it.

I prioritize travel and experience over things. I don’t want to rush into any step of my life, but instead cherish each level. I want to look back on the basement inlaw apartment I live in now and smile about that time in my life. I want to remember every place I visit, and the humbling emotions I felt while there. I want to remember the memories I made, because those are more important than having things. With that said, I am a huge advocate of setting your own priorities and ignoring social norms.

You want to move to London for two years? Have at it.

Want to go back to school to finish that degree in your 30’s? Go wild.

Dream of buying an RV and traveling the country for a year? Send Pics.

It is easy to fall susceptible to the societal pressures that are placed on us inadvertently by those in our lives, including ourselves. People accidentally shut down our dreams all the time, with little comments like “renting is a waste” or “I heard so-and-so went there and hated it.” Big changes are scary, and even though we should ignore these comments it’s easy to let them get into your head.

At the end of the day it’s your life and you’re the only one who should decide how you live it. Think about what will make you happy and what you want to accomplish at this point in your life, and go for it. F*ck what anyone else has to say, because I bet when you’re old and gray and looking back on your life you will not regret the memories you made.


That said, I’m off to Europe for a 2 week trip to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam! I will be posting new articles and some pictures if possible. #Priorities

What are your priorities? Share in the comments below!


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